Monday, 5 February 2018

Day 1 - I’ve f*cked up already

Day 1 and I’ve f*cked up already. For some reason I thought I still had 2 weeks before my surgery... I do not I have 1 week! So before it’s even started I’m a week behind. I was instructed to start the VLVD shakes 2 weeks before my surgery and I’ve ruined it. Not to mention I ate like I was dying all last week.... the deep fried chicken!!! Anyway so I’ve put on weight.... and now I can pretty much eat jelly and Konjac noodles for a week.

So I figured I’d start a blog to track what I’m going through for anyone considering bariatric surgery. I’ve opted for the gastric by-pass but I’m hoping this will apply to gastric sleeve as well.

Food intake for take included 1x kickstart strawberry shake, 120grams of berries, 200grams konjac noodles, a punnet if cherry tomatoes, some carrots, mushrooms and zucchini some teriyaki sauce and some diet jelly. Still hungry at 10pm while I’m tying so eating 2 more carrots - carrots are free :)

I start this journey at 106.7kg at only 168cm it’s a lot, so let’s get cracking.

I’ll keep a record of what I eat and how I manage with the food or rather lack of, oh I want a crumb sausage right now, or a cheese burger... food why must you be so full of calories.